Little Bear School is a creative arts pre-school. It was designed to provide a space where children could receive their dance, tumbling and art classes within the school day. The curriculum is based on an open structured nursery school model.

Designated areas, such as art, book, puzzle, playhouse, paint and messy areas, allow children to explore their interest until they feel a sense of completion. Modern additions to this layout include the manipulative area and the drawing/writing areas. 

We also take full advantage of our California weather and make the play yard a "second classroom" with extended free play.

Little Bear School is unique in that it is an open structure program with personalized academics. This includes drawing project that lead to eventual writing, and more in-depth information covered in the theme months. These academics are offered in small groups, are presented creatively and are not mandatory.



Dance : is held on Tuesday mornings. Our dance class is consistent of movement to music, freeform ballet, and choreographed dance steps. The goal is to introduce a variety of movement styles, encourage creativity and musicality and foster a love of dance. Leotards and tight are required. Tutus and ballet slippers are welcome, and optional.

Tumbling : is held on Thursday mornings. Children are divided into small groups based on age and ability. Every class consists of a variety of stretches, yoga poses, and basic floor gymnastics. Beginning tumblers learn basics like "bunnies", "elephants", and forward rolls. Continuing students perfect their skills and progress to more advanced gymnastics. The aim is to develop strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Leotards and footless tights or unitards are required.

Yoga : is held on Friday mornings. Our yoga classes area a mix of yoga asanas, chanting and some singing. The goal of our yoga class is for every yogi and yogini to have fun, build strength, coordination, and flexibility and learn to understand and enjoy moving their bodies. We do not have the children change for yoga, so we ask that they come to school in comfortable clothes that allow for easy movement.


Theme months

Our curriculum is based on monthly themes such as dinosaurs, insects, and musical instruments. Each classroom has books, discussions, projects, and materials that relate to that month's theme. In addition, most months there is a field trip* that ties in to the theme (i.e. insects zoo for insect month, Chabot Space and Science Center for space month, etc.) All projects and events are on the classroom calendar, which is created by the teachers and distributed to the parents every month.